ISBN.LIVE  utilizes a combination of technologies which are then brought together as a single new technology to create the most amazing interactive media ever developed. 

Our partners include some of the top technology companies in the broadcasting, media, collabration, video and internet companies in the world. 

REMI STYLE production & live streaming. 

We would take the existing vendors 6 camera feeds, plus any Timing/Scoring feed if available, add effects microphones as needed and..

Multiplex all feeds and transmit via satellite, and downlink at REMI control room in Pittsburgh where we would do a LIVE LINE CUT

And add in Graphics/Commercials, add any slowmo replays, add in Studio Host/Announcer, etc. and send finished PGM feed as RTMP signal to your

Streaming destination(s) of choice.  We of course will also oversee/manage the events closely with you and your designated team