November 8, 2019

Dennis Butts, Founder and CEO
John Weidlich, Chief of Staff
Honor Valor Courage Corporation
Dear Dennis,

Thank you so much for sponsoring the Marion du Pont Scott Memorial Race for the 2019 Montpelier Hunt Races.  We so appreciate of your willingness to work with us and broadcast the Races to a new audience.  And to introduce a whole group of new companies to our Races.  Help such as yours goes a long way towards insuring the continuation of a Virginia sporting tradition and supports James Madison’s Montpelier.

I have included a couple of photos of your advertising in place on race day.  I know they are more useful to you in this format.  I think we can agree the perfect weather and lovely autumn color made for a great day!  A wrap up report will be coming your way with ad copies and general photos.

We so appreciate you joining us this year and look forward to working with you in the future.  I will call you right after the first of the year and see how we might be able work together again at the 86th Running in 2020.

Let me be among the first to send you all good wishes for a happy holiday.

Martha Strawther

Executive Director






MONTPELIER HUNT RACE85th running were  held  NOVEMBER 2, 2019  IN ORANGE, VIRGINIA . HONOR VALOR COURAGE CORPORATION the Parent Company of ISBN.LIVE is the title Sponsor of the MONTPELIER HUNT RACE. Honor Valor Courage Corporation and  ISBN.LIVE presented the Marion du Point Memorial trophy in the WINNER CIRCLE.  Honor Valor Courage Corporation has committed to be the Title Sponsor for the MONTPELIER HUNT RACE in 2020. Due to the COVID-19 the Montpelier Hunt Races will be scaled back with no spectators or broadcast. Honor Valor Courage Corporation and ISBN.LIVE have committed to being the title Sponsor and Presenter for 2021 and 2022.

This MOU is made as of  August 19, 2019 by and between ISBN.LIVE , whose principal address is 3004 5TH Ave Altoona, PA 16602 (herein referred to as (“ISBN.LIVE”) and MONTPELIER HUNT RACES whose address is P.O. Box 399 Montpelier Station Virginia  22957 (herein referred to as (“MHR”). 

is a unique broadcasting network where we provide complete interactive broadcast of your favorite sports programs live and on demand on our video platform. The video is seen in full HD on cameras installed or roaming at the venue.

Up to 20,000 fans can watch their favorite jockey or colors compete at the event on their cell phone standing on the rail in the grand stands in the sponsors tents, in the infield or anywhere in the world on ISBN.LIVE. ISBN.LIVE broadcast are multiple camera shoots with up to 25 cameras can be deployed in multiple locations around the track embedded in jumps and with color commentary by up to 10 commentators that interact with the broadcast host from anywhere in the world. 

With our split screen technology, the fans can watch all cameras at the same time as well as the main camera while still watching the commentary from the commentators. Our platform can provide on our Duel Screens in the located in the main sponsor tents and hospitality tents as well as any other big screen around the Montpelier Hunt Races.

This new and amazing
ISBN.LIVE broadcasting platform will revolutionize the broadcasting of sports. Sports that are now considered not profitable to broadcast over regular media can now be broadcast. ISBN.LIVE specializes in small colleges and university sports, international competition, and specialized sports broadcasting like soccer, football, basketball, baseball, swimming, tennis, racing, steeple chase, drone racing, motor racing etc. and smaller venues where they do not normally get live coverage of events.

                                                               Now they can with INTERACTIVE

Montpelier Hunt Races are the only horse race held on the lawn of a Presidential Home.  James Madison’s Montpelier is a National Trust Property consisting of 2,650 acres and is opened year round to the public providing education about our fourth President and his wife Dolley, his role as architect of the Constitution and the Bill of Rights.
The Races were started by Marion Dupont Scott, then owner of Montpelier, in 1934.  It was the only time the Montpelier estate was open to the public and their spirit of generous hospitality continues to this day.
The 18,000 Montpelier race goers are extremely loyal!  They are also well educated, over 78% have college or advanced degrees; they are affluent with a high percentage owning second homes and luxury cars, and they make the races a tradition each year.  The largest audience comes from the Charlottesville, Richmond, Fredericksburg triangle, but over 10% come from out of state, over 20 states typically being represented.
This year the races will be live streamed for the first time enhancing every race goers experience and bringing the races to a national and international audience, steeplechase racing is very popular in the United Kingdom and Ireland.
Montpelier Races are a  family event with activities throughout the day.  First event in the morning are the Jack Russell Terrier Races followed by Stick Horse Races for the kids.  The immensely popular hat contest is good fun for ladies, children and gentlemen alike. Shopping in the Vendor Village continues all day, a Tailgate contest acknowledges the super effort towards entertaining in the infield, and tours of the Mansion are available all day.


THCKES FOR THE RACE ATTENDEES who which to also watch the entire race and event on the ISBN.LIVE the tickets are $2.00 a ticket. 

On our world interactive network ISBN.LIVEnetwork any where in the world the ticket is only $3.00 to watch this incredible interactive broadcast of this fantastic MONTPELIER HUNT RACE.

Advance and group sale tickets of 25 tickets are available at $2.00 per ticket 

We will have limited tickets for this great event so get you tickets early before  October 15, 2019. 

Ticket sales go to HONOR VALOR COURAGE CORPORATION to support our Veterans, Troops, and their Families through educations and training. 

ISBN.LIVE was a development made possible by a combined effort of HONOR VALOR COURAGE CORPORATION, HVCC KNOWLEDGE CENTER and ZOOM collaboration efforts. ISBN.LIVE is a member of the HONOR VALOR COURAGE COPORATION’s nineteen divisions & companies and family of interactive technology companies which includes INTERACTIVE COLLEGE NETWORKS, INTERACTIVE SPORTS NETWORKS, INTERACTIVE REUNION NETWORK and ISBN.LIVE.  Honor Valor Courage Corporation works with major interactive and collaboration companies like RingCentral and ZOOM to develop new technology by integrating their technologies into other technologies and application to create a new technology. This is the mandate of HVCC Knowledge Center. The precursor of the ISBN.LIVE was Digital Media Broadcasting Corporation which was developed from the first broadband technology developed by Mr. Butts in 2004 which sent full broadcast by satellite uplink to fiber backbone over fiber to ISP (Internet Service Providers) with Lockheed Martin, SAVVIS TECHNOLOGY AND EDGE TECHNOLOGY.This was the start of internet broadcasting and now Mr. Butts has developed the next generation known as Interactive Broadcasting from ISBN.LIVE.

Broadcast Title(s):  2019, 85th running of The Montpelier Hunt Races