BODYBUILDING IN THE ROUND was developed to change the way bodybuilding contest are promoted and presented.

The contest is really a through back to the early days of building where the contestants posed on a platform in the center of the crowd of spectators. This allowed for the bodybuilder to pose and the spectators to fully view from all angles. 

This format also allowed for the competitions to be much faster and keep the audience captivated,

We do not have pre-judging and compulsory rounds which is boring. This is a required procedure for the contest for the judges and makes the show for both the Bodybuilders, audience and judges a long drown out affair.

BODDYBUILTING IN THE ROUND eliminates all this by not have pre-judging or compulsory rounds and we have no judges. All judging is done by applause meters  located throughout the arena. The Body builders are also free to move about the arena and interact with the crowd.

This increases the excitement of the show as well as the recognition of the Bodybuilders.

The pose down is what the audience come to see the battle of Muscle!